Kind words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the body.

-Proverbs 16:24



Essential oils

It's simple, Young Living essential oils and products are the most pure, natural oils you will find.  Not only do we love that everything is 100% non-toxic and pure, but their products have changed our lives for the better.

The path to wellness is so simple with Young Living products and essential oils.


As a part of the Honeycomb & Ginger community, you have access to our hand-selected line of gorgeous accessories to compliment your essential oil lifestyle.  All of our products are available for purchase through the Member Shop, at members-only pricing!



the business

Ready to dive in with both feet?  While there is never an obligation to do anything but use and love your products, Young Living has an amazing business model that could change your life like it has ours.  Plus we are here to help you every step of the way, on this journey together!

Accessories for your wellness journey...


We are a tribe of mamas looking for health and wellness for our families.


Honeycomb & Ginger is the Young Living team organized by Christy Rimrodt, and is comprised of over 170 families and friends!  We strive to offer elegant and beautiful accessories to compliment your essential oil lifestyle.  Being a professional photographer for over 14 years, my dream for Honeycomb & Ginger was to merge the love of style and design with our love of essential oils.  We offer a selection of handmade and hand-selected products to enhance your oily journey.


The Honeycomb & Ginger Community


One of our favorite parts of doing this business is the amazing community that has come with it.  By becoming a part of the Honeycomb & Ginger team you will have access to all of our member resources, private Facebook groups, and even wholesale pricing on our HC&G products!  Whether you just want to jump start your wellness journey or even start a new career with Young Living, we provide you with all the resources needed to succeed.  We can't wait to see how the oils transform your home and health like they have for us!

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